About us

Our Story

“Necessity Is The Mother of Invention”

We (a group of coaches) never planned that we will do anything like that. Plato The great philosopher of his time said absolutely right “Necessity Is The Mother of Invention“. and That’s what made us today who we are.

Long story short, finally, in the long run, we came up with some online business tools, our all tested parameter was fulfilled. We were amazed to see how powerful and dynamic they were, and the monthly cost was like peanuts while other tools for the same thing were costing a fortune, but the tools we discovered not only they are highly affordable and robust featured.

We did not keep this with us, but we started sharing and helping other coaches, trainers and course creator and that’s how LaunchMe 10X came into existence. And in no time we have served so many clients all over the world.

Our Approach​

“We just don’t talk about The Best, rather we show them”

Let us ask a very simple question, what would you do when you see a year old kid trying to walk & stumbling in front of you, It’s simple to answer, YES, you are right, you will hold that little baby hand, fearing he may fall off, as you know he is new to this practice, you must help.

We understand that you may be new to this Online Coaching Business arena and you are most likely to fall off in your journey, you may fail to chose so many right things for your online business, even we failed badly so many times, hence we strongly believe that in order for your success, we must come forward to hold your hand, give personal attention and walk you through all stumbling block and take you to the horizon of success.

Let us ask you if you are facing challenges to launch your Online Coaching Business, then you are at the right place.

Why Choose LaunchMe 10X 

LaunchMe 10X is Providing You One Stop Solution For Your Online Knowledge Business Need

 We are not a mere Online Coaching Business Web Developer, but we are a team of Coaches. We have been in the online Coaching Business for over the past 5 years, hence we deeply understand the factor of launching an online business.

We failed so many times to find what works and what doesn’t, and finally successfully launched our online Coaching business by using highly affordable and powerful tools. 

In Short, You don’t have to worry about “How To Launch” and thinking about what Tools (Course Hosting Platform, Email Automation System, Funnel System & Payment Gateways Etc.) to use. You just invest your time in your core competencies and let us put our core expertise to make your online business successful launch and profitable. Let’s make a deal out of it; the dream would be yours, efforts will be ours, and we will celebrate the success together.

One-Stop Solution to All Your Launching Online Coaching Business

Bringing You Highly Affordable & Powerful Tools

Tools We Provide​

  • Course Hosting LMS
  • Funnel Builder Tool
  • Email Service
  • Email Automation Tool
  • CRM
  • Premium WordPress Theme
  • Protected Course Hosting
  • Course Tracking Tool


  • Online Coaching Business Website Design
  • LMS Setup
  • Sales Funnels Setup
  • Lead Funnels Setup
  • Webinar Funnels Setup
  • Email Service Set-up
  • Email Automation Set-up
  • Mobile Optimized Pages
  • Tools Setup & Integration
  • Technical Support & Training

Our Mission

To help business owners, experts, coaches, consultants “SETUP & SCALE” their online business to skyrocket their profits.

Our Vision

To inspire edupreneurs to come online and create a better world every day with their life-changing knowledge.

Core Values

“Not Everyone Is Your Customer”, hence we just tell you what the best we can do for you, and you let us be the partner of your journey.

Let’s Get Ready to Launch Your Business 10X

” You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great” ( Zig Ziglar )