Want to cut off your “Online Coaching Business” tools expenses by 90%?

ONE-STOP-Solution To Launch Your Online Coaching or Knowledge Business & Run On Fully Automation or Autopilot Under INR – $35/Month.

Let’s Say “NO” To Highly Expensive Coaching Business Tools & Save 90%

This session is for you if….

  • You are an Expert, Coach, Consultant, Knowledge Giver or thinking to be the one.
  • You are confused about how to launch your Online Coaching business with right process.
  • You are looking for highly affordable, easy to use & powerful automation tools.
  • You are upset with highly expensive tools like Learning Management system (LMS), Email Automation, Funnel System etc.

If Your Answer is “YES”

Congratulations!!! You are at the right place.

What Solution You Will Get In 1 to 1 Session

Dynamic & Affordable Tools

Finding Dynamic & Affordable Tools for online business be it coaching or any other it’s hard to find, but no worries, we show you highly powerful WordPress tools, that’s coming to not more than $30/month.

Online Business on Automation

We will let you know how you can put your online business on automation mode and run a hassle-free business from anywhere in the world and even if you are not there. No worries, we will answer your all queries.

Live Demo of All Tools

We are not just saying, but we will show you a Live Demo of all the tools and let you know, how these tools work perfectly as a single machine, it is amazing to see how so many tools are working under one roof.

Email Automation Live Demo

Email Automation is the backbone of any business, we will let you experience a Live Demo of the email automation system, using your email address only. You will also be given a fair idea of how it works and how to manage your email subscribers.

All Funnels System Live Demo

Thinking about online business and not considering the inbuilt funnels system in your website, then you are missing a big chunk of revenue. We will show you how all funnels work & their importance. (Sales/Lead Gen/Webinar etc.)

Automated Website Dashboard

You must understand how your revenue generation machine looks from the inside. Yes, we will show you the live Website dashboard, this will give clear picture and confidence that you can also have it set up in no time.

WordPress Automation & LMS Tools

  • Highly Affordable & Dynamic.
  • Unlimed Email List & Contacts.
  • One Fixed Monthly Pricing With All Features
  • One Plan, One pricing & All Features.
  • LMS (Learning Management System) All Unlimited Feature Comes under $11/Month.
  • Email Automation System With Unlimited Features Comes Under $9/Months.
  • No Other App Required To Connect All Tools & They All Work Together Like A Single Machine.
  • Fully Coustomizable As Per Your Business Need
  • Zero Cost For All Kind Of Funnels. (Lead Funnel, Sales Funnel, Webinar Funnel)

Other Automation & LMS Tools

  • Highly Expensive and Less Effective.
  • Limited Email List & Contact.
  • Pricing Go up as Per Plan With Limited Features .
  • Multiple Plan, Pricing & No All Features.
  • The Basic Plan With Limited Features Starts from $39 & Goes Up to $250/Month.
  • The Basic Email Automation Limited Features Starts From $29 & Goes Up to $500/Month.
  • Required Third-Party App Like Zappier To Connect All Tools.
  • Limited Coustomization
  • Other Tools In Market They Charge $99 To $199 (Like Click Funnel, ConvetKIT, GetResponse Etc)

Who Do You Want To Be?

A Striving Entrepreneur

  • Paying High Monthly Bills & Earning Peanuts.
  • Highly Focused On Increasing Bill
  • Getting Out Of Cash Flow In Your Business & Doing Every Thing On Your Own.
  • Not Able to Scale Your Business & High Chances Of Shutting Down.
  • Less Marketing, Lower Conversion.

A Thriving Entrepreneur

  • Investing Peanuts & Making Huge Revenue
  • Always Focused on Marketing
  • Having Enough Cash Flow, Building Team & Just Be Focused On Your Core Competency.
  • High Scalability Opportunity and Always Crushing Your Competition
  • The More Marketing, The Higher Conversions.

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