Frequently Asked Questions

A Website development company just know how to design website pages only, but we are more of a Group of Coaches, after being in Online Coaching Business for over the past 3 years.

We realized that the tools are being promoted in the market are highly expensive, not user friendly and eating out most of our revenue hence we tested tonnes of other tools available and selected a handful of powerful tools required to run only your online Coaching business on automated mode which is not only highly affordable but dynamic and easy to use .

It saves 90% amount of your monthly bill, after using those tools personally for our online coaching business then we decided to found a Company (LaunchMe 10X) to help other Coaches who are struggling to launch their online coaching business due to not able to use a highly expensive tool or don’t know how online coaching business model works.

Once we set up & integrate your all online coaching system you are Free for the next 1 year, after that your monthly cost will be under INR 1800 or USD 24.

Our core competency is to develop an Automated Online Coaching Business website (LMS System) where we set up your course, email automation & create your all kinds of automated funnel system like Sales funnels, lead funnel & Auto webinar/webinar funnels etc.

We provide highly affordable WordPress website based tools (LMS, Email Automation, Funnel System & Pre-Recorded Webinar, Live Webinar System Set-up)

It does not take more than 5-15 days, if required information is timely provided.

Online Coaching Business website is fully automated and all features that you might think of. (LMS, Email Automation, Funnel System & Pre-Recorded Webinar, Live Webinar System Set-up)

70% Amount needs to be summited before we start working on your project, the rest need to be summited once the project is done.

Yes! Once project is delivered you are given FREE one month Support and Training.

Yes, WordPress is a highly reliable platform & hub of millions of websites, that’s why so far this platform has more than 64 million users.

Our Pricing is not fixed, it may vary as our clients need, this is 100% Customizable. We offer what you need.

You need to set up a “One-2-One” online meeting. First off, we understand your requirement and show you a live automated websites demo, and let you know pricing accordingly tools you need. Once you submit the booking amount, we again talk to you and finalized the layout of the website and we start working on it.

All need to provide is your Hosting access, the content, special images you want to use on website, your course videos and other relevant information that your website must have.

You can click here, and select date & time you want to have One-2-One session with us.

Yes! We have 2 Easy EMI option for Online Coaching Business Setup.

It would be unfair to just to say that this WordPress Automated Online Coaching Busines setup has “No Flaws“, rather we want you to see Live Demo what we have got and let you say that “Wow It is Awesome”

Yes, this WordPress based Online Coaching Business Solution is Fully Automated.

Yes, we provide a customized webinar funnel and set up automation as well, as per your funnel sequence requirement.

Yes, We do provide sales funnels and set up smooth and hassle free check out for your audience.

No, You don’t need any other webinar tool or platforms like Demio, Webinar Jam or Zoom Webinar, but all you need is Zoom Basic Meeting Plan and just pay $15 for your highly automated webinar system.

Yes! We do provide website content writing or sales copywriting, for that, we fix your one-2-one session with our expert Content Writer you can negotiate project pricing as per your budget.

Yes! We do provide website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for that, we fix your one-2-one session with our SEO expert you can negotiate project pricing as per your budget.

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